Post 1950, Daimler’s standard models included the:

  • Consort
  • ‘Twenty-Sevens
  •  ‘Straight-Eights’
  • Regency 3 litre, Regency MkII / Sportsman / One-0-Four / Empress / Lady’s Model 3½ litre
  • Conquest & Conquest Century
  • 4½ -Litre saloons & limousines
  • Majestic 3.8
  • Majestic Major 4½ V8 & Majestic Limousine
  • Dart / SP250
  • 2½ – Litre / V8 / V8 250
  • Sovereign
  • Vanden Plas  DS420 Limousine
  • Daimler Double-Six

Of this selection, a number of the earlier, larger engine models were produced as rolling chassis, as well as standard saloons, so that custom coachwork could be fitted, and so continue Daimler’s role as a provider of vehicles to Kings, Queens and dignitaries around the world. These coach built cars included a significant number of overly elaborate, opulent and ornate creations for Sir Bernard and Lady Docker through the 1950’s.

Towards the end of the 1950’s, Jaguar took over the Daimler Company, and the cars from that period became an amalgam of the two companies for the next few years.

The lovely hemi head Daimler V8 engines designed by Edward Turner of the BSA Group, and a Director of the Daimler Company, continued to be fitted in its larger form into the Daimler Majestic chassis through until 1968. The smaller V8 was used in the Daimler SP250 from 1959 to 1964, and in the Jaguar MkII saloon body from 1962 to 1969. The turbine-smoothness and performance of this motor was commented on by most motoring writers of the day.

After 1969, Daimlers truly became a badge-engineered Jaguar, with the Sovereigns and the DS420 Limousines. Not that it was all bad. Jaguar continued to imbue the Daimler models with that little bit of extra class and refinement, and in recent times have had to bow to the Daimler clientele request that Daimler models be produced, not once, but twice, after attempts to drop the model from their range.

One of the more sought after recent Daimlers is the 1996 Daimler Century (1896 to 1996) and I am sure that in the future the 2005 Daimler 4.0 V8 will also become a collectors piece for those that want that little bit extra in a luxury saloon!