The production years have been split into pre and post 1950 models mainly because that was about the time that post-war production started to produce predominantly new models, rather than re-worked pre-war models. This breakdown also tends to fit with the predominance of models in NZ being post 1950. Unfortunately we see very few of the pre-WWII standard or coach built saloons. There are a few in NZ, of both the Daimler and Lanchester marques, but due to their age, are more generally associated with the Vintage & Veteran Car Club.

We are constantly adding content about all models of Daimler vehicles, but any attempt to present all the Daimler history and models produced on this website would be a mamoth effort. The aim here is to fuel your interest to do further research.

For a far better coverage, the following books are recommended:

The Daimler Tradition

By: Brian E. Smith
Published by: Transport Bookman Publications
First Published: 1972
Second Edition: 1980
ISBN: 085184 014 0

Daimler Century

By: Lord Montagu & David Burgess-Wise
Published by: Patrick Stephens Limited
First Published: 1995
ISBN: 85260 494 8

Daimler Post 1950 Background

Post 1950, Daimler’s standard models included the: Consort ‘Twenty-Sevens  ‘Straight-Eights’ Regency 3 litre, Regency MkII / Sportsman / One-0-Four / Empress / Lady’s Model 3½ litre Conquest & Conquest Century 4½ -Litre saloons & limousines Majestic 3.8...

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Daimler Pre 1950 Background

Pre 1950 Daimler’s: The Daimler Motor Company Limited was established in 1896 based around the license that Frederick Richard Simms had negotiated that included all the Daimler Engine patents for the United Kingdom and Colonies (except Canada) in 1890. In 1896, the...

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The Daimler Sleeve Valve Engine

Condensed from "Daimler 1896 - 1946" (St John C Nixon) Charles Y. Wright was a young American agriculturist, who in 1901, became interested in Motor Cars. He considered the chief weakness of the petrol engine to be the noise it made. In those days, engine designers...

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Daimlers at War

Leading up to WW1, the Daimler company was producing a huge range of body types on a wide selection of chassis, and at the same time producing special on-off designs. Then came the war. Like much of Britain, the company was unprepared for this conflict. After the...

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